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Most of the times I tend to see things from a very realistic view. I can accept and believe only the things I actually see happening. If I see something that seems unbelievable, I try to explain it. Of course, the major secrets in universe and life have not been explained yet. So this is when I enjoy making assumptions for several things. I don’t want to be misunderstood; those assumptions are likely to be wrong, but most of the times you can have a little fun and see things from different views when you make them.

So, my question for today is: What if humans had no soul? What if you exist only when you are living and being able to think and feel?

When I first thought of that question I immediately continued to think: No, this can be true. There is no way we exist only when we are alive. No one can believe this. All religions in the world believe that people have a future after death.

With those assumptions let’s do an experiment: Let’s consider that we can save the current information that exists on a human brain somehow. If that is only what makes him alive then if you actually had all the information you could save a human as information. And if you can recover this information to one or several other people then you would have humans thinking that they are alive and being the same persons (at the very moment of waking them up). They would have the same experiences, feelings, etc. Of course from the time they get alive, all things will start to get different for them.

And now consider the following thought: What makes you think that every morning  you are still alive and not died while you were asleep? If you actually died while you were sleeping and then someone could wake you up with the thoughts and feelings that you actually had to think and feel in the morning if you hadn’t die how would you know? What actually matters is that when you wake up you remember what you did last night, last week, your whole life. You are actually the same person only because you remember and you can recall what you did before.

Another experiment then comes into place:  What makes you think that your thoughts and feelings are actually yours. They part of the universe after all aren’t they? If you think something, it is happening as a set of actions / events (biological ones) which are part of the universe and secondly part of your brain. So when you are thinking, something happens to the whole universe not just your brain. You actually think that you are a separate existence only because you have a limited view of what the universe is. So if your thoughts are part of the universe, along with the thoughts from other people then the whole universe thinks something, which is a collection of all thoughts. It is alive and thinking.

So what happens if you die? Well, from the limited point of view that your existence had, you stop filling anything. You won’t exist again in the same way, only because there in nobody that can have the exact same experiences with you. If you think this from the wider view of the universe, only one small thought stopped to function. It will be just another experience for it, because it will continue to think of other things. It would be exactly like waking up in the morning and not remembering what you had for dinner yesterday. So in fact you are not dying.

The question that immediately raises is simple: If humans won’t exist anymore does it mean that the universe will be dead? Of course not! We assumed that humans are only thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings are actions performed by the brain. They are a physical process just like the movement of the planets, or the movement of the quarks is. One thought can result to a feeling just like one meteor can results to a change of a planets’ surface.

So in fact, if you assume that no soul exists, people are immortal. Someone (the universe) is thinking (performing a set of actions like the biological actions of the brain which result to thoughts and feelings) whatever you think and will continue to think after you die. Your own thoughts will be a memory, just like your thoughts are after you wake up each morning.

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