The reversed social network

A few days ago I posted an update on Twitter, asking if someone knows a tool that would find the most unrelated interests to me. While most of people thought it was very funny to get to know such thing and that I am obviously not interested into many many things, it would definitely make sense to me to find the MOST unrelated interests.

I am not looking for an easy and obvious answer here. I am looking for a way to leverage a huge social graph (maybe of millions of people) and find out what I would probably mostly miss/skip in my life based on my current profile. Furthermore I definitely want to get in touch with the people that are totally unrelated to my interests. I am sure they will offer me a different view of the world.

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  1. Eleni says:

    That would be very interesting to know indeed. However, the fact that nobody has discovered or even thought ways to search on something like this is laying on the fact that the profit potential is too small. It’s very rare for people to put their mind into work if there is no benefit coming out. However, some people (maybe lots) might be interested in this approach but still after a while they’d go back to the co-interest “friends/followers”. I hate metal music, however I would even click on a link sending to a Slayer’s clip just out of curiosity; thing is I would never click again…

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