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Two years ago I decided to turn off my TV forever. Don’t freak immediatelly. I am still watching some DVDs and series like Lost and Prison break but I don’t watch any shows, news, etc.

My idea is nothing new. Many people (here is a couple doing this more than 10 years) have tried this before and many households live without TV. The thing is that when you actually don’t watch TV for a week you won’t ever wish to watch again.

I am not going to describe why TV is useless. The reason is simple. Whatever you decide to do instead of watching TV is more useful. Think of it: From reading the news you want on the internet to going out with friends, everything is far more valuable than wasting your time in front of TV.

The very first thing that will change in your life when you actually turn off your TV is to understand how annoying the TV was! You will start noticing the existance of TVs wherever you go. They will simply become annoying to you. Simply because you will understand what a waste of time watching TV was. Then you will discover that you actually have more free time. This time can be invested to yourself. Go out instead of staying in for a movie. Get a more social life. Even if you are not in the mood of doing anything at all, simply sleep. Don’t turn on the TV. Invest every second on yourself and you will rewarded.

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