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There have been a lot of rumors that Google was building a new browser. Today, I came across this blog post where more details appear on the upcoming browser. Basically it not fair to call it a browser since it will actually be a whole new enviroment able to connect Google (and other) apps into the software and bring the whole internet experience to a new level (moving from web pages to apps). I would say that this is one step closer for Google taking over computers and operating systems in general. I suspect that this browser (or an enchanced version) will be able to be integrated as kind of a firmware to future devices (say 2-3 years from now).

I also had a chance to try the beta version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 and I would say that there is a similarity of the approach with what Microsoft calls “Accelerators” and what Google calls apps. What is certain is that our internet experience will keep getting better!

p.s. There is a nice comic from Google at showing more information about the upcoming browser.

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