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John is a 36 year old entrepreneur from Greece who started his first business at 10 repairing bikes while he was on holidays. His mother was really upset by having to bring him all the supplies every day and seeing the house being transformed into a repair garage. So then he decided to move on into another holiday business and started selling shells in bulk to girls who wanted to use them to create their own jewelry. He was so successful that no shells were left at the beach and the business went bankrupt. The years until he became 18 were so bad for him because he had to be in school, studying hard and having no free time to think. And this is why at 18 he started his first company with Stefanos. He also studied physics at the University of Athens.His first real business was a free web hosting that had the unique feature of paying its free members a share of the advertising commissions. The business grew dramatically and was sold. Then he started as a webmaster forum which afterwards turned into a full service company.

Fast forward to 2014 and after having created 5 more companies, John and Stefanos are now the co-founders of Travelmyth, a hotel search engine that allows visitors to search by their interests and preferences.

John, in Greek Yiannis, has several hobbies including photography, underwater photography, travelling, RC modeling, driving, martial arts, math, physics, music, cinema, and more.

He doesn’t watch TV, stopped drinking coffee two years ago, doesn’t like alcohol and totally hates smoking.

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