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Olympus E-330 (evolt)I was searching for a good DSLR to replace my film camera which was a Pentax one. I have taken some very nice photos using my film camera and I also have a Sony DSC-P3 camera for daily usage. However, I always wanted to switch to a DSLR camera. Truly, the first camera came to my mind was the Canon EOS 30D. I have heard the best for this camera and almost went straight to buy it. But it was then that the live view feature of Olympus lcd caught my attention.

The live view system allows you to view the scene you are shooting through the lcd panel. For those who have digital cameras (not DSLR) this feature is obvious. Every digital camera has it. But when it comes to SLR where the shooting mechanism is different this feature was not even possible until E-330 came out.

I believe that I would be getting slightly better quality and some more features with the Canon but since I am not a professional photographer I had to sacrifice something in order to get an easy to use DSLR camera. The choice turned out to be perfect. The detouchable screen of the camera along with the live preview function allows you to shoot some very good photos.

My next purchase will definitely be the underwater pro kit which includes:

  • Zuiko Digital 14-45mm 1:3.5-5.6 (28-90mm)
  • Zuiko Digital 50mm 1:2.0 Macro (100mm)
  • FL-36 external flash
  • underwater case PT-E02
  • underwater lens port PP0-E01
  • underwater lens port PP0-E03
  • underwater case for flash PFL-E01
  • underwater short arm PTSA-01
  • underwater bracket PTBK-E01
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