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I believe that one of the things that helps human brain to expand and to think more creatively is to observe a random movement. In reality we are not very used to observe these events. Our mind usually expects what’s going to happen in the next few seconds unless something unexpected occurs. But it rarely occurs. However for those who want to bring randomness well into their life I have two suggestions: A lava lamp or an aquarium.


Both of them are very relaxing for the brain and once you observe them you realize that anything can change in the very next second. You can’t predict the movement of the fish nor how the next bubble in the lava lamp will be shaped. And if you want to test the theory, here is a software that takes a photo of your random object and converts it into a number; the Lavarnd.

Lava lamp

I have a lava lamp at home and an aquarium in the office. Both offer pretty much the same result though the aquarium includes some interactivity as well, which in fact reduces slightly the randomness factor:)

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