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Religion always tries to give answers to questions that can not be answered in any logical manner. With many people believing the same thing about human and world existence it’s easier for most of them to assume that the truth given by religion is the right one. Of course the answer is that no one knows for sure but everyone is trying (even subconsciously) to attach himself to a theory about where we come from and what happens after we die.

However in the next years (maybe that’s many many years, but eventually it will happen) scientists will achieve a perfect understanding of how brain works and how we can alter our memories. What used to be science fiction is now becoming partially a reality. For example some people with permanent loss of vision can start seeing again by using electrodes which stimulate the right areas of the brain which generate what we know as vision. This is just the beginning of science being able to manipulate the brain. I totally believe that in the future, scientists will be able to create memories and experiences on demand.

This is where is gets very interesting. While it would be fun that we will be able to experience a trip to Paris without even being there by simply attaching this experience to our brains through whatever device will be able to do this, things will get serious once these experiences alter the fundamental values of our brain. And let me give you an example: How would you think of life and your daily routine if deep inside in your brain you had memories of yourself before you were born and after you are dead? These are memories that most religions of the world are trying to “persuade” you that they exist. All religions have an answer for what happens after death. But once technology will be able to manipulate the human mind, these answers will be able to become real experiences for everyone. They will be 100% real and totally authentic for the people who try this. This will be either used for good (people working together to achieve a very specific thing in their lives) but either for bad (I guess it will be a lot easier to persuade people to attempt suicide attacks)…

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