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I got the 9th issue of Virgin Galactic newsletter today in my gmail. Some great stuff is going on there and I wish I could be one of the first people to try this out. Though it’s quite expensive and I suppose there is a big waiting list.

planets But Richard Branson and his team seem to be dedicated to conquer the universe. And what if we really relocate let’s say half of the population to another planet. How that will be like in terms of communication? If for example I want to talk to my partner in Mars would that be possible?

Well, obviously we can transmit signals to other planets but considering the fact that light needs about 4.35 minutes to reach Mars from Earth we won’t be able to have real time communication with any of the inhabitants. So the way we will be communicating will be through video conversations exactly like the way seesmic works (of course with some more delays since videos won’t be available immediately from planet to planet).

Loic my friend, the future of extraterrestrial communications is in your hands;)

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