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Ok.. First of all I have to be honest. I have so many weeks to write on by blog that I forgot the password to login 🙂

But, after an exciting weekend I think I should follow the advice of a good friend and start writing again.

The story begins on Saturday when I met Andrej who was visiting Greece. Andrej is a fantastic young entrepreneur and he has a great experience in several aspects of life (not only business related). So when he called and told me he was visiting Greece I thought it should be great to arrange a typical Greek day for him. We went for launch near the Temple of Poseidon at a seaside restaurant. What really amazed me is that Andrej found this place to be one of the best places he had ever visited. And that made me rethink some things… In my daily life I usually hate the too-much-sun we have in Greece. But when I found out that the same time in Ljubjana the temperature was at 1C I immediatelly thought that I was at the right place:) Well, that’s just an example of how many things we have but don’t respect. I really like that I can work half of the year at a beach with a laptop but I almost take it for granted. Maybe I should respect such values more when I hear that some friends in the UK have never seen sun for the last weeks maybe months.

The other advice I got and I think I should follow, has to do with my blog. We were discussing about blogs in general and I told Andrej that I am afraid of writing on my blog because I might have language mistakes since English is not my mother language. But after him giving me some examples of very popular blogs with really bad English I was definitelly persuaded to start writing again. Moreover, sometimes I think I should delete some posts from my blog. But even this is wrong. I should be writing whatever comes to my mind since it would be quite fun to look at it after 2,3 or even 20 years.

btw, Andrej has some excellent blogs: Personal blog, hotels, restaurants and events

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