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I was really trying to figure out how to name the new category that this post should fall into. I believe I found a good name: “Hard to believe”. The slide show below shows how I found my car after having it parked on a road in an area called Vrilisia, at the suburbs of Athens. At first I thought that a person destroyed it. But it really didn’t make any sense. If a person wanted to damage a car he wouldn’t be hitting the bumper rather than trying to break windows, scratch the doors, etc. And then after viewing the car for long time, it was pretty obvious that an animal did this! Bites on the bumper (I found very small pieces of the bumper on the road), scratches from nails, and some marks at the areas were metal existed (could bite it!). The final confirmation came from BMW since they have seen this happening many times in the past and from a forum were I posted this and got a great number of responses of people who had the same experience. Bon Appétit!

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