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When it comes to travelling there are just so many websites on the internet where you can find air tickets, hotels, packages, car rentals, etc. But some websites really make a difference. This “new” breed of websites are either mashups of several services and / or community based travel websites. My favorite ones are:

  • Air tickets:

Farecast: This is the “forecast” of the air ticket prices. Find out when it’s best to buy air tickets. A must have before buying tickets. It can really save you dollars.

Cfares: This website features some very good discounts on air tickets. They also have a Platinum membership which offers even more discounts. The membership costs $50/year but if you are a frequent traveller the discounts will be a lot more than the cost.

Skyscanner (Europe & Australia only): A very unique feature is the heart of this website; Visitors can select ANY origin and ANY destination and find out the cheapest fare for each day of the month. A great website if you don’t have a specific destination in mind.

  • All inclusive websites:

Mobissimo: I always end up using this website to find hotels. The reason is simple. It offers a mashup of the greatest booking engines of the internet. Search for a hotel and get rates from up to 171 booking engines.

Kayak: Like mobissimo this website offers rates from 120+ websites. Very good user interface.

  • Community based websites:

Virtualtourist: One of the oldest community based travel websites which should be considered as web 2.0. Members review and rate places, hotels, restaurants and things to do. I always make a list of places to visit and things to do based on this website before I visit any place on earth.

Truvbuddy: A more fancy community based travel website. Members have blogs which are very interesting to read. There are also some very beautiful images from all over the world.

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