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This of this: Web 2.0 is a logical evolution for the internet that fulfills the need to create and become part of connected communities. In real world, the difference is that we can’t meet directly someone who is on the other side of the world. Moreover, we don’t have the ability to know what the people we meet in the street are interested in. They are not tagged just like they are in any web 2.0 website. So not only we don’t have the power to bring people together from distant places but we even don’t have a way to connect people that walk together in the same street or take the same bus to work every morning.

 On the other hand, sooner or later cell phones will have powerful operating systems, integrated GPS devices and of course they will always be connected to the internet. In a few words this means that we could have applications which will inform the user about a great amount of information of other people that live close to him or just pass by. For example, I could easily locate people around me that have joined the Prius club community I run in Greece, or even people going for fishing the same time I go in the summer. Think of how dating websites could evolve through this. Or shopping for example… You could locate all the people that want to buy the same TV in your area and receive a discount. Basically, any social-based website could become a real world community that is localized to every single place.

 I believe we are very close to this and most important, it’s a technology that is already accepted from almost the entire population.

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