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It’s been quite some time since I switched by email to Gmail mainly for accessing it from everywhere. But it proved that Gmail is actually a lot faster than my outlook was. The best part of it is that there are several keyboard shortcuts that can make your life a lot easier and handle emails faster.

If you have not enabled keyboard shortcuts this can be done easily by visiting the settings page and clicking the keyboard shortcuts on radio box:

enable gmail keyboard shortcuts

Once you enable them you can simply type “?” and a list of all available shortcuts will appear on your screen like this:

list of gmail keyboard shortcuts

There are several shortcuts, but after using Gmail I’ve found that the most useful ones are:

gi: Go Home: When you type this, you go straight to your inbox.
gt: Go Sent: When you type this, you go straight to your sent mail.
gc: Go Contacts: When you type this, you go straight to your contacts.
u: Back to threadlist. I use this shortcut either from the mail reading page or at the inbox page as a refresh button.
o or <Enter>: Open conversation (very useful!!)
p/n: Read previous / Next message: Browse through messages
c: Compose message: Use this when you want to send out a new message
/: Move to search box: The fastest way to search your emails.
r: Reply: When reading an email hit “r” and go straight to the reply box
f: Forward
#: Delete: This is my favorite one. Actually I am really used to hitting Shift+Del on Windows to permanently delete files go Shift+3 (#) comes very naturally:)

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